Dr. Mausumi

Dr. Mausumi Saharia has sung more than 120 albums in Assam

Musical Career

Dr. Mausumi Saharia is a popular name for Assamese music lovers. Her sweet and melodious voice has captured the heart beat of many fans. She started her musical career at the age of 4 years at Sipajhar, Darrang District, in northern Assam. Her music career at a glance :

  • Recipient of Best singer in State level as well as North - East level for several times.
  • First Assamese Modern song Album was released at the age of 9 years in 1990 namely as “ Fagunar Xekhate ”.
  • Represented Assam in National level held in Jaipur in 1993 in “ Learn to live together Camp ”.
  • Best singer in school level for several times.
  • First popular Modern song album “ Tumi Mausumi ” in 1995 at the age of 14.
  • Best singer Award of Cotton College in 1996-1997.
  • Took part in Millennium Telecast at Door Darshan National Network in 2000.
  • Took part in New York special programs at Door Darshan and P.P.C for several times.
  • Released more than 120 albums in Assam such as Tumi Mausumi, Moi Mausumi, Moromi Mausumi, Mausumi Gaan, Jouban, Nasu Nasu Lagey Maon, Kakalorey Gagori, Nupur, Mausumir Asha, Hiyar Morom, Rong Maon, Mon Nache Ulahot etc etc are superhit albuls released in the subsequent years.
  • Three of her best Albums are Akashi Ganga (2003), Manuhe Manuhor Babe (2004) and Buku Hom Hom Korey. These three albums were wide accepted by the people of all over. Even Dr. Hazarika was thrilled to listen his songs sung by Mausumi and opined as “All the up coming singers who have sung my songs, Mausumi is the best among them”.
  • Released Bangla song Album by Plus Music, Mumbai namely as “ Duti Chokhete ”.
  • Released Bangla Album with Zubeen Garg namely “ Shurer Upahar ”.
  • She has sung for many Assamese albums, Regional Albums, Hindi Albums. She has given her voice for many Assamese serials, Assamese and Hindi documentary films and she has sung for many Assamese Films such as Agnishakhi, Junda Iman Gunda, Maoney Mur Koina Bisarey.
  • Performed special program in Delhi University organized by ASAD ( Assamese Student Association of Delhi ) in 29th October,2000.
  • Performed special program in Kolkota organized by B.H. cultural trust in 4th March, 2001.
  • Performed special program in London, UK, organized by Assam Sahitya Sabha, UK () in 18th Jan, 2003.
  • Performed a special program in Mumbai organized by Assam Bhawan Society in 2000.
  • Performed in Australia specially in Goldcoast and Sydney in 2006, Oct., organized by Assamese society of Australia.

Performing through Assam, India as well as abroad.