Dr. Mausumi

Dr. Mausumi Saharia is a popular name for Assamese music lovers. She has also sung for several television shows, films, and video albums.

Shristi Internatrional Society

Shristi Internatrional Society is an organisation which was started in the year 2013, February to fulfill her dreams to work towards the welfare of the Society and upliftment of the Cultural & Educational programs.

For the first time on 27th July 2013 Shristi International Society made an attempt to provide some quality time for the old people and avail them with the basic health facilities, Shristi International Society under the aegis of Guwahati Refinery organised a free health camp cum awareness camp at Amar Ghar, an old age home located at Patharquari, Guwahati.

On 20th August 2013, a free health camp cum free heart checkup was organised by Shristi International Society in association with Cardiologist Society (North East) at Pathsala, Assam.